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Friends don't let friends touch poison ivy...learn to identify it!!

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Saturday 6/18/16 - Today's Tip

​​It has been several days since I posted a tip and I am blaming a weird type of brain block brought on by a sneaky little weed found in my flower beds...POISON IVY!!!!! I expect to find this plant along overgrown fences or growing up trees and poles in a field, I don't expect to find it growing up out of my mulch covered flower beds :( 
So, tips to avoid the misery of itching and scratching?
1. Identify so you can avoid 
2. Wash everything immediately that may have touched it, seriously, you only get like 15 minutes to wash!
3, Run, don't walk to your local pharmacy for your choice in anti-itch medicine
4. Time is pretty much the only thing that gets rid of it if 1 & 2 didn't work

The oil from the plant is what you are allergic to and where it touches you is where the rash shows up. When the rash starts to spread around your body it isn't because you scratched and then touched somewhere else, that is a MYTH! Your skin reacts at different rates of time so it seems like it spreads because you scratched and then touched your arm, etc. They just say don't scratch so you don't dig at yourself and get infected...

TIPS to avoid the dreaded plant: 
Wear gloves and then wash said gloves in hot, soapy, scalding water!
Invest in some
Pretty much I am going to have to carry a picture with me when I weed my flower beds because I was pretty sure I knew what
POISON IVY looked like but apparently not! 
Also I do not, I say DO NOT want to look like this poor woman that posted a picture of herself this week...and there you go, good luck and stay away from the ivy!